I’ve always believed that the idea of a soulmate is shitty.

I’ve always believed that the idea of a soulmate is shitty. It’s shitty because it makes us feel like we are supposed to have these overwhelmingly perfect love stories. Stories of people going to the ends of the earth for one another, of being totally wrong for each other on paper but being with each other anyway because their love is just that strong.

Maybe we have it all wrong. Maybe instead of looking for that dramatic, can’t live without you, can’t breathe without you kind of love; maybe instead of looking for that perfect, all consuming, stereotypical, fairytale kind of love, we should just focus on finding out person.
You know — the one who loves us despite our morning breath, the one who makes us laugh even when we’re super annoyed with them. The one who will watch horror movies with us because we’re too scared to watch it alone, even though we think of ourselves as adults with full-time jobs.

The one who will clumsily stumble over their words as they try to say ‘I love you,’ which only makes it more perfect and more meaningful.

The one who calls us out when we need to be called out. The one who only makes us fall in love with them more when they reveal their imperfect nature, because it reminds us that they are human too and that they trust us enough to open up that which they most often hide.

Sometimes, that’s what you need. That’s the real romantic stuff – those everyday, ordinary human moments that occur in all of the time that exists in-between the perfectly manicured romantic comedy scenes.

Anybody can fall in love with a soulmate – the articulate, flawless, mysterious beings who never spend a single minute looking or feeling or seeming uncertain.

But falling in love with your person – somebody who still makes you smile despite all of the suck that surrounds us on a daily basis? That’s rare. That’s special. And that’s something that bollywood will never be able to get its hands on.



If you care about someone, make them a priority. Make them a priority not just when it is easy, but when it is difficult as well. If you care about someone, show up for them when you say you will. Show up for them when they least deserve it, because that is when they need it the most. Just be there for them — not because you have to be, but because you want to be.
If you care about someone, put your phone down. Sit across from them at dinner and listen to them. Give yourself the space to dive with them, into deeper conversation, into the kind of quality time that makes you feel like you are the only two people in the world. Connect with them. Please, if you care for someone — connect.
If you care about someone, let them know that you do. Always remind them that you appreciate the very heart within their chest. Always remind them that you want to protect who they are, that they are your favorite thing, and do not just do this with words. When it comes to someone else’s soul, you have to show them that they matter to you, you have to take action in making sure that they feel loved.

If you care about someone, if you truly care, just be good to them. Too many people selfishly take hearts into their own hands and they fail to protect them, they fail to nurture them. Too many people grow comfortable and complacent, they lose sight of what they have. They take and take, and they rarely think about what they are giving.
Please, if you love someone, stand up for that. Be honest with them. Choose them every single day, and if you cannot, or if things change, let them go. Let them go, because if they love you deeply they will not have it within them to stop trying, they will not be able to walk away, for it is a fatal flaw in people who love with everything they have. They must be set free. Do not keep someone around only to love them in halves. They are better off giving their love to someone who has room within their chest to accept it, and you are better off figuring out what your heart desires before you try to open it to someone who will never stop trying to give you the world.

Live like it’s the last day of your life.

Who am I? It is a question many of us wrestle with at times through life, particularly when we are feeling lost or unsure of ourselves. There’s a certain comfort in being able to define ourselves easily, in measuring our strengths and weaknesses accurately, and knowing with confidence our place in the world. But frustratingly, the answer always seems to evade us, always teetering just beyond our reach. Why? Because the question is not, Who am I? but, Who do I want to be?

The makeup of your character is not a puzzle with a set number of pieces. Every endeavour, adventure, challenge, and connection you experience over the course of your life weaves another thread into the tapestry of who you are. The work of self is never finished. You are a masterpiece in progress.

Live boldly in the light of this, a life where every decision and action you take is made with the conscious intention of bettering yourself, your circumstances, or expanding your perspective in some way.

Challenge yourself often, take greater risks, step out of your comfort zone, and avoid slipping into long, stagnant slumps. Remember that no matter the milestones you reach in life, you are never a completed project. The growing mustn’t stop simply because you have reached adulthood, established your career, fulfilled your dreams, or found your life partner. The soul is a rose that should bloom time and again over the span of a life, becoming more beautiful and intricate with every progression.

Live like this—with a full, hungry heart, and a curiousness that cannot be extinguished.Practice self-reflection and tend to the hollow spaces in you where you find them. If you lack confidence, focus on your health and wellbeing, or develop new skills. If you feel flat and uninteresting, further your studies, or better yet, travel to far and foreign places. Expand your horizons and watch how the people flock to you. If you have emotional issues and trauma, reach out for help, search your own spirit, and heal at the root of the cause. Your flaws and shortcomings do not define you, they are just paths you haven’t explored yet. Anything can be mended or developed through focus and concentrated effort.

Remember, it is the PURSUIT of happiness, not the seizing of it. A whole and happy life means routinely finding new things to chase and become. It is to look at this world with clear, open eyes and see just how much there is here to live for.

What is love?

Love looks like passion; love is being unable to complete a meal without wanting to kiss the other person.

Love is knowing what temperature the other person needs their feet to be; it’s turning on the fan before bed and opening a window because you know how hot the other person gets when they sleep.

Love is smiling cheek to cheek at the same time.

Love is compatibility, which a lot of people discredit and don’t take seriously. Love is the connection between common interests. Love is in the TV series, books, the gym, making meals together, and laughing at the same YouTube videos.

Love is finding part of your soul in someone else. 

Love is friendship, it’s the history, it’s the development of something beautiful over time.

Love is patient; it knows that everything goes through phases. Love has faith.

It’s rare to find someone who laughs about the same things as you but you can still go through painful times with them. It’s rare to find your best friend in the body of someone who also wants to kiss your finger tips and wash your body for you when you’re sick.

Love is kind, and sometimes love takes time. Sometimes love honors phases, just like the moon, a little too seriously. Sometimes love doesn’t show up until we are old, sometimes we are born in the same proximity as it.

Just remember that love is sweet, love takes the time to ask questions and make your tea. Love knows how you like your coffee and it makes you comfort baskets on your dark days.

Love is hard sometimes, it takes growth, it takes time, and whole lot of patience mixed with forgiveness.

Love does not yell, it doesn’t make you feel bad for hanging out with your friends, love doesn’t require your attention all of the time.

Love empowers you, it lifts you up.

There is love like this in the world, and it will be here before you know it, but first you must become it yourself.

Here’s to you on this beautiful day.

Here’s to you on this beautiful day. Here’s to your endurance, your power, every struggle you have ever gone through. Here’s to every moment you thought was your last and all those times you thought your heart would never ever be the same again. Here’s to you on this day, on this beautiful, bright day where ever you are. You have survived and you have thrived. You have made it through every single one of the hardest times, the worst kind of demons. Can you imagine how wonderfully strong you are? You have made it through every single bad day, defeated every demon and found a way to smile again even when you thought you never would.
Take the time out today to appreciate yourself. Spend time doing something you normally wouldn’t do because you feel like it’s selfish for you to spend time on yourself. You deserve the healing, the self care more than anyone. Your mind and your heart deserve that drink, that extra piece of pizza, that cake, everything you have been denying yourself. Take yourself to get that manicure, go for that walk instead of spending time with your friends today, or go to that party instead of spending yet another night studying. Do what makes you happy for a change, not what you are supposed to do. Remember the mantra: self care is not selfish in any way. 

Today is for you. All about the things you have survived and thrived through. Everything that makes you you. I hope you understand and appreciate how incredible you are. Because if you do not appreciate yourself for the small victories, for the quiet personal victories no one knows about then no one will. Because no one else knows what you battle every single day but you. And they are no small feats.

Love someone like…

Love someone like you’re six. Ask your mother if she’s allowed to come over. Blush when she kisses you on the ear after you’ve skinned your knee. Blush whenever someone says her name. 

Love someone like you’re ten. Notice that you like all of the same things: the same songs, the same animals, the same colors. You know there’s something between the two of you but you’re both too inexperienced to acknowledge it. 

Love someone like you’re sixteen. Feel like your heart will explode when she signs on Facebook, when she arrives at a party, when she looks in your direction. Get her alone one night, sit in her car and listen to songs you’ll never forget the words to.

Love someone like you’re nineteen. Spend hours looking at each other and saying nothing; meet each other’s parents. Drive around town together, put your hand on his knee and watch sidewalks and miles fly by; take interest in the blur because you can see your future in it.

Love someone like you’re twenty-five. Spend weekdays and weekends together. Stay up until 4 AM because you’re young again; go to bed at 9 PM because you don’t have to prove yourself anymore. Don’t feel overwhelmed when they call instead of text, don’t feel afraid to be yourself. Be in love.

Love someone like you’re thirty. Not like you’re running out of time, not like your options are drying up. Love him because despite failure and disappointment and fear, you can’t help yourself. Love him in spite of your past; believe in your potential.

Love someone like you’re fifty, like the future has come and gone and will return again and it’ll all feel underwhelming because you know who you are and who she is and who “we” is and knowing that makes it all okay.

Love someone like you’re eighty. Look out of your window or in a newspaper or at the television and hear smell taste collateral damage: the result of the world passing you by, leaving you behind. Count the things you no longer understand on both hands; then count the one thing that still makes sense, that has always made sense and think, that’s all right.

I miss you

I’ve always been fascinated by 

How beautifully people say

That they miss someone
The French say “Tu me manques” 

Or “You’re missing from me”
The Portuguese use the word “saudades”

Which is the love that remains,

After the person is gone
The Spanish say “Me haces falta”

Or “I feel the lack of you”
The Indians say “मुझे तुम्हारी याद आ रही है “

Or “Your memories keep coming back to me”
And the English say “I miss you”
Like you’re the bull’s eye,

And I’m a dart.

I almost hit you,

Almost, but not quite.

I miss you.
Like you’re a train,

And I’m running late.

I almost catch you, 

Almost, but not quite.

I miss you.
Like you’re the sunset,

And I blinked.

I almost see you,

Almost, but not quite.

I miss you.
Like you’re you

And I’m me

I almost ask you to stay

Almost, but not quite.

You’re gone,

And I miss you.